Old World Chocolate in my cookies?!

I recently brought home a container of Old World Drinking Chocolate which is actually 54% dark chocolate shavings that you use to make hot chocolate. I have a roommate who loves hot chocolate and so far has enjoyed each of our flavors. But I noticed this container going untouched. Then he asked if I could bring him home some more hot chocolate. Confused by this, I asked what the problem was, why wasn’t he drinking it. He replied that he didn’t really understand how he was supposed to use it, even though the directions are on the back. It just looked a little different and he wanted what he was used to. No problem. I get it.

So, there I was with a container of lovely chocolate shavings and not sure what to do with them so this weekend, they became chocolate chip cookies. I was out of chocolate chips so I used them in their place and I have to be honest – I liked them better. They were more evenly distributed throughout the cookies and you didn’t end up with areas of tons of chips and then no chips. And the chocolate is really good, which never hurts. Now I’m thinking they can go in my pancakes, my tea breads, scones, even waffles. E-mail me if you want the recipe. And if you have an idea for using Old World Drinking Chocolate Shavings in your recipes, we’d love to hear about. Or maybe even send a picture!