No Chocolate to be had

It’s Saturday night and I’m driving home from a day of fun and shopping. It’s about a 3 hour drive and it’s close to 9pm. This is about the time I really started craving something sweet. Something like the Milk Chocolate Sea Salt and Almond squares. In my mind, I could taste the mix of salt and sweet. No problem. I’ve started keeping a small stash of my favs in my bag for just this reason. So, as I drive 80 mph down the interstate, I fish around in my purse for a piece of chocolate. Probably not the safest thing to do.

Bummer. Not only can I not find the particular type I’m looking for but I can’t find a piece of chocolate, period. Now my mind is set on having chocolate which means I need to pull off the interstate, run into a convenience store and find something that will satisfy this craving. I don’t really care for roaming around back roads of Vermont looking for an open store late at night. Not to mention it’ll slow me down and undo all the benefit of having driven so fast to begin with.

With the exit coming up, I pull off and find a little mom and pop store and run in to ransack the candy aisle. I’m not a chocolate snob, refusing to eat other chocolates, even candy bars from the larger manufacturers. I just have to find something that will do the trick. So, with a final scan, I grab a ton of fruity candy, a bottle of pop and a package of peanut butter cups. And I make a mental note – stock purse up with chocolate squares before my next road trip!