New Years Resolutions made easy (and fun!)

Happy New Year! It’s the last day of the year and I never know how I’m going to feel about it. Did I accomplish enough this year ? (never) Will next year be better? (Oh please please please!) Was this year really that bad? (It had it’s moments.) What do I hope to have happen in ’08? (Great stuff!) Will I eat healthier? (sure) Will I be nicer? (I hope so.)  So many questions that will probably remain unanswered (and a couple probably should remain unanswered…)

But, in the spirit of the season and getting in step with the rest of the population, I have tried to at least give some thought to resolutions regarding my health and nutrition. So, I’m committing to eating more dark chocolate, good for the heart, no? And if it has nuts, I can look at it as more protein. And if I mix in a truffle now and then, I can cross dairy off my list of add ins. What else? How about more exercise. I can commit to making more trips to the factory store next door for these health-inspired goodies. That counts, right?

This is easy! I think I could really start to like making New Years Resolutions. The good thing is that I know these are the type of resolutions I could really keep up all year. Feel free to adopt my approach to ’08 as your own. No matter what else happens, these things will definitely feed my soul and when it comes right down to it, what else matters? Be happy, healthy and safe in ’08 and be sure to eat good chocolate!