NEW! Fresh Marshmallows!

Did you hear?  We have marshmallows!  And not just any marshmallow— these are giant, pillowy, melt-in-your mouth cubes that are made fresh and can be shipped direct to your waiting mug of hot chocolate.  Finally we have gourmet marshmallows that live up to our gourmet hot chocolate!
A cup of hot chocolate just isn’t complete without one or two marshmallows floating on top.  And these are distinctly different than anything you’d find in a grocery store.   Tediously hand cut, these marshmallows embody the old tradition of creating marshmallows with the sap of the marsh mallow plant, egg whites and sugar (even though we don’t quite make them like that today).  The texture itself will blow you away—it’s the perfect balance of chewy and soft.  And slightly melted in a cup of cocoa?  It’s beyond words. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.