New Year. New Flavors. New Chocolates.

Our Research and Development team (otherwise known as chocolate  officially launched the Cocoa Pod Creative today!  What is the Cocoa Pod Creative?

It’s a way for our amazing team to test new flavors, try different techniques and perfect their culinary skills.  What does this mean for us?  A completely new and delicious chocolate to try each month!

At the beginning of each month, for the entire year, our team will deliver a new flavor to our Pine Street Factory store, some might be crazy and off the wall and some might be soo delicious they become a regular product that we carry year round.

Kicking off the year is the Chai Masala.  Our 34% milk chocolate is blended with fresh local cream infused with Vermont Artisan’s Chai Masala, vanilla beans and honey from our own LCC hive creating a smooth and luscious ganache, nestled in a shell of 54% dark chocolate.  The flavor is quite delicate, with the milk chocolate ganache center giving way to subtle hints of the chai.

Stop in our Pine Street store to try one!  We’re making them in limited quantities, so once they are gone, they are gone.

Stay tuned here as we’ll be announcing a new flavor each month on our blog.   And for those of you too far afield to get to our Pine Street store, you will eventually reap the benefits as our R&D team is sure to come up with some new taste treats we’ll want to share more than just once a year!