National Grouch Day – Celebrate (or Commiserate) with Chocolate

Ok. I missed an important holiday on my list of reasons to celebrate earlier this month. But, in light of the holiday itself, I suppose it’s fortuitous that I did. You see, I just found out October 15th is National Grouch Day. I tweeted people on Twitter yesterday to forewarn them. Thus not only would they have time to prepare for all the grouches out there, they’d also be ready for their own grouching.  I personally started celebrating a day early.

Here are my top reasons to celebrate National Grouch Day today:
I’m out of tea bags and under-caffeinated.
My iPod was stolen so I had no music for my ride to work.
I ran my tights.
My gas tank is low.

I know. Lame list of grouches but it’s all I have so I’m going with it.

So, with that all being said to all you fellow curmudgeons of the day, let’s treat ourselves to a bounty of chocolates in honor of all things grouchy. And if there were a National Grouch Day gift registry where you could buy me presents, here’s what I would register for and grouch-erific reasons why:

Organic Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almonds – yummy organic chocolate goodness with a little salt to replenish my tears
Vanilla Caramels in Dark Chocolate – delicious, gooey caramel I can share with others so they can’t talk
Chocolate covered candied orange peel – bright and fruity with a touch of bitterness, just like me

Wow, I feel better now. Is that a good thing for National Grouch Day? I guess I’ll just chalk it up to getting all I wanted for National Grouch Day. Whatever you’re grouchy about today, just have a piece of chocolate and let it go and then we can make October 16 be National Happy and Grouch-Free Day!