My Love Affair with Chocolate & Mint

For those who don’t know, today is National Chocolate Mint Day. To me, chocolate and mint is a natural pairing – as classic as chocolate and peanut butter!  My love affair with chocolate and mint began at an early age when I got my start selling Thin Mint cookies as a Girl Scout in the 1970s. We’d buy extra boxes, put them in the freezer and enjoy the coolness of chocolate and mint in the summer long after everyone else’s cookies were gone.

Junior Mints were my coveted Halloween treat – I’d try to trade with my younger brother to get as many as possible.  When it came to choosing ice cream from Howard Johnson’s 28 flavors, Peppermint Stick always was my top pick. And, when Ben & Jerry developed Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream, I became a regular at the Montpelier scoop shop after school (which sold factory seconds – loaded with either too many cookies or none at all).

I discovered Lake Champlain Chocolates and the Evergreen Mint in the mid 1980s at a small specialty food store in Montpelier, called The Country Store. I would save up my money (I was a high school student) and purchase one single piece out of the Countertop dispenser, savoring as long as I could.

As you can imagine, it was a dream come true when I joined LCC in 1993. Endless supply of the Evergreen Mint, which remains one of my all time favorites! I’ve been a champion over the years, as we’ve added more items like the Mint Crunch Coin, Square, Heart, and Peppermint Crunch Signature Bar.   

Today, I love to bake and find King Arthur Flour’s recipes phenomenal, especially when paired with LCC’s baking chocolates.  Here is a link to their Thick Mint Brownie recipe:

So, go ahead, indulge in all things mint and chocolate as you celebrate Chocolate Mint Day!