My chocolate cyber identity!

  Be warned. This entry has very little to do with chocolate.

I read other people’s blogs all the time and just like with DJ’s on the radio, I always wonder what the writer looks like. For some reason, I feel certain I can guess their looks by their tone but the reality is I’m probably way off the mark but it got me thinking. I wonder if people wonder what this girl looks like that writes about chocolate all day long. (I won’t even ask if you wonder about my weight!)

So, in getting into this virtual world, I heard about avatars and decided to make one of myself so you can have an idea of what I look like. I couldn’t find a program that could accurately depict a near 40-something female eating chocolate so I used a little bit of artistic license and dolled myself up a bit. And since I don’t know anything about animation I couldn’t include the action of me popping yummy Vanilla Malt truffles in my mouth. You’ll have to just take my word for it.

So, looking through rose-colored glasses, squinting your eyes a little and using the filter they used to use for Cybil Sheppard in that old TV series “Moonlighting”, I’d say my avatar is a pretty close representation. Now you have an idea of my cyber-identity. Note the ultra-trendy purse! Just know that it’s full of good chocolate! Try making an avatar of yourself online at the many “make your own avatar” sites and send it on over to the e-mail listed below. Include some chocolate imagery in it and I’ll send my favorite a yummy prize!