Mother’s Day from A to Z. (in chocolate).

A is for Almond Butter Crunch, a Mom favorite!
B is for Bliss.  What every Mom desires.
C is for Chocolate!!!
D is for Dark Chocolate-Loving Moms.
E is for Evergreen Mint for those Evergreen Moms who are always there for you.
F is for Fanatics Club, the Chocolate Fanatics Club.
G is for Grace Under Fire.  For Moms who like a little spice in their life.
H is for Hazelnut Praline and Honey Caramel
I is for Its Mother’s Day for heaven’s sake!
J is for Jubilant Moms who receive chocolate (hint, hint)
K is for Keep your hands off Mama’s chocolate!
L is for Luxurious. Every mom deserves something luxurious.
M is for Macadamia Nut Clusters
N is for Nuts, as in Five Star Fruit and Nut
O is for Orange Peels (if you haven’t tried these, you need to.  Now.)
P is for Peanut Butter Cups
Q is for Quality, as in fresh, all-natural, quality chocolates from Vermont.
R is for Raspberry Creams, fruity and creamy.
S is for Sea Salt Caramels, salty and sweet.
T is for Truffles!  
U is for Ultimate chocolate gift baskets.
V is for Vermont, where all of our chocolates are made.
W is for White Raspberry Truffle
X is for Xtra something for you, because Mom won’t share.  (nor should she!)
Y is for You better order now to get her chocolates there on time.
Z is for Zero tolerance for nothing but the best for your mom.