More than meets the eye – Hot Chocolate Style

As a newbie here at LCC, I’ve been delving into our products – tasting, learning, and understanding the logistics of it all. Along my LCC journey per se, I had the privilege of trying all of our gourmet hot chocolates. In the past I’ve had one too many lame prepackaged hot cocoas, so naturally, I didn’t have very high expectations.  Boy, was I wrong to think that. I hit the jackpot – a verifiable diamond in the rough. All I can say is run, don’t walk toward our Old World Hot Chocolate! And seriously, I’m not just saying this because I work here. It’s really something special.

First of all, let me start by letting you in on a secret. This hot cocoa comes in small chocolate curls. It is not like its little brother, the sweetened cocoa powder. This is grown up hot chocolate that acts its age. It is legit. Not only does it taste amazing, but I’ve found that it has way more uses than just simply a liquid sweet. If you’ve got a canister of Old World and an imagination, the possibilities are endless.

This past weekend , for example, I was making my usual old steel cut oats when I glanced over to the Old World on my countertop. It started calling my name. I won’t lie – I took a giant handful to dump on the top of my oatmeal. Genius! Instant chocolate gratification. It was a great way to spice up the boring breakfast, and honestly, it would be a great way to get children to eat a healthy breakfast.  This little moment inspired me to jot down other ideas for the Old World. Beware. Some may be crazy. What are you willing to try with our Old World? Think outside the box a bit. Have fun with it!

1.    Cakes – use it as a tasty garnish along the bottom edge of a cake. If you’re not the cake boss, it’ll clean up that raggedy edge left behind when frosting.
2.    Gingerbread House – Possible roof or sidewalk? Trees? Maybe you want a giant chocolate moat in front of your gingerbread castle. I’m just saying.
3.    Romance – remember all those movie scenes with a trail of rose petals? Self-explanatory.
4.    Candy Bowl – you grew up with your grandmother’s candy bowl always full. Why not do a modern take on the old tradition for your visitors? Pour some of the Old World into a festive bowl and nestle other candy amongst it. I’ve found that candy canes, rock candy, or chocolate pops stand up well in the chocolate. Think stick candy.
5.    Toppings – think pancakes, ice cream, brownies. Savory applications? Add some to your favorite chili recipe. Even a PB/chocolate sandwich could be good – a little added crunch from the chocolate pieces would be nice. The sky is the limit.