Merry Christmas – Easy to Assemble!

It's here. What an odd juxtaposition the journey to Christmas is. In the same fashion that the holidays race up on us, they seem to take forever. Chalk it up to the magic of the season.

And while the phrase "Easy to Assemble" is striking fear in the hearts of many and drudging up nightmarish memories for others, consider this posting the reclamation of the phrase. This Christmas, apply that phrase to Christmas itself. Merry Christmases don't just happen, they're made and each one of us contains within us the capacity to do so. You don't need to go out for hours in the snow looking for the perfect gift. You needn't bake for days to ensure you have every type of cookie available. You ought not worry about past holiday transgressions with family members. Nope. A Merry Christmas truly is Easy to Assemble.

First, let go of any sense of failure you're harboring because you ran out of money or didn't get the iPod in the right color.

Then, sit for a moment and look at the tree, the lights or simply reread the greetings in those Christmas cards you received from friends far away.

Next, pick up the phone and call someone you love and wish them a joyous season. This is a tricky step as you really need to mean it, even if they make you mad sometimes!

In this fourth step, grab your loved ones, turn off all the distractions and for even just a few moments, remind them how much you love them and remember why.

Finally, breathe and let Christmas absorb into you through all your senses – the sounds, sights, smells, feel and flavor.

See, a Merry Christmas IS Easy to Assemble.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!