Mayan Waffles – Cool Recipe

So, coincidentally, just after I wrote yesterday about finding cool mentions of our products here and there, I get a Google alert about our Aztec Hot Chocolate. Well, I click on the link to TeamSugar and there’s not only what looks like a yummy recipe for these awesome sounding waffles but a very cool bit about our hot chocolate.

Considering it’s the weekend and we all love making breakfast on Sunday morning not to mention I said I was going to include cool blog mentions, I am encouraging, nee urging, you to go check out this recipe.

The recipe is called Mayan Waffles and it contains not only a little spice -hence the Mayan part – but chocolate too, which I believe makes it doubley Mayan, no? There are some other interesting ingredients in there to pique your curiosity and on top of it all, they’re vegan and can be made as pancakes in case you’ve misplaced your waffle iron.

In the recipe, they mention substituting our spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate for the regular hot chocolate. But there’s also vegan shaved chocolate listed so if I were making this, I’d use our Aztec Dark Chocolate bars  as they have cayenne, cinnamon and pumpkins seeds which would play very nicely with the other ingredients.

Check it out. It’s There are some fun links to other lifestyle pages there too that might be a fun thing to do while you wait for the caffeine to kick in.

Enjoy the waffles!