Martha Stewart Picks Our Chocolate… Again!

Last winter, Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul gave us thumbs up on our Organic Milk Chocolate. This winter, they’ve reviewed our Organic Hot Chocolate and once again, it’s all positive. In fact, they said “One taste of the Vermont-based Chocolatier’s sweet blend puts you in touch with your inner kid.” As employees here at LCC, that’s music to our ears. But to you, the consumer, we hope you’ll find it either reinforces what you already knew or perhaps it's incentive to give it a shot.

This issue of Body + Soul is February 2009 so it might not be on the newsstand at your favorite bookseller yet but keep an eye out for it. There are some other great items in it as well including a great looking recipe for Rustic Shrimp Stew. See ya in the funny pages!

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