Celebrate the Taste of Vermont

What does this all mean?  It means spring in Vermont.   We don’t really have a traditional spring in Vermont – there are no daffodils blooming-  but we do have sugaring season, those few precious weeks a year when it’s warm during the days (ok, warm means above freezing this time of year) and cold at night to make the sap drip out of maple trees and into a bucket.  It’s this prized sap that is boiled down into maple syrup, cloyingly sweet and impossible to replicate (as much as Aunt Jemima tries).

At Lake Champlain Chocolates we’ve been using pure Vermont maple syrup in our chocolates since the beginning so it’s a wonder it took us 30 years to create the Maple Caramel bar, but alas, it’s here and will not disappoint.  The caramel almost tastes like sampling syrup fresh from the sugar shack, paired with our signature dark chocolate to soften the sweetness and you have a bar that lives up to its name.

If you’re in the area, stop by our Pine Street store this Saturday.  We’re having two free chocolate sensory tastings featuring the new Maple Caramel bar- with the height of sugaring season upon us, the timing couldn’t be better.

Hope to see you there!