Love is Sweet

Did you know Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged? (Right behind Christmas and New Year’s Eve).  It makes sense…it is, after all, a day in which we celebrate love.

If you’re thinking of popping the question, we thought we’d give you a few creative ideas for surprising your true love using Valentines Chocolates.  It’s the perfect cover since chocolates are already expected on February 14th (don’t wind up in the dog house!).

The Grand Heart – our most impressive assortment for Valentine’s Day.  Let that special someone know they’ve captured your heart by tying the ring to the pink ribbon, or tuck it inside for a sweet surprise. (But please, just don’t hide it inside one of the chocolate truffles…we’ve all seen the TV sitcoms where the person chokes!).

Kiss Me Frog – let your loved one know they’re done kissing frogs…you’re their prince!  You can’t get much more romantic than that.

Be Mine Gift Basket – the name says it all.  Overflowing with over 50 chocolates, it’s perfect for hiding a ring box.  Or you could even take the truffles out of the 2-piece box and put the ring in there (you’ll probably want a little treat for yourself anyways!).

Chocolate Hearts – forget the rose petals, why not set the mood by scattering chocolate hearts instead?  The Milk Caramel and Raspberry Cream are my personal favorites, or we also have the classic Milk and Dark Chocolate and Dark Mint Crunch, too!

Traditional Heart Truffles – no matter how you decide to propose, you’ll need some champagne on hand afterwards to celebrate.  And nothing pairs better with bubbly than our all-natural chocolate truffles.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day…and Good Luck!!!