LEED Certification at Lake Champlain Chocolates

Yesterday was a big day at LCC. It may not seem like it to many of you but to those of us who work here, it was great. Our plaque designating our packaging and distribution facility as LEED Certified arrived.

To give you a little back story on the project, our packaging and distribution facility is housed in a former plastic extrusion plant. I think it made toothbrush bristles or something like that. Whatever they made, it was a huge drain on water and electricity, not the friendliest to the environment and really kind of ugly. But that all changed when LCC refurbished the building for our needs.

(Before and After at our packaging and distribution facility)

With an eye to energy-efficiency, ergonomics and environmental impact, the new and improved facility is 27% more energy efficient than one built to code and costs less than 42% to operate. But all this was not achieved without a great team of people working on the project – companies that participated in the project included John Anderson Studio, TFM Construction Company, JFP Consulting Services, Climate Systems, Hegeman Electric and the wonderful folks from Burlington Electric Department (pictured in photo above – l to r – Chris Burns, Jim Lampman and Jake Yanulavich).

And what’s more, we even received the Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont, Inc.  Landscape Award for Business based on the landscaping done at the facility. It’s very exciting to see the impact businesses can have in their community, not just by giving and supporting but by doing what they can to beautify and improve the physicality of it. And it’s even more exciting to work for a company that takes pride in doing it. Forgive my bragging but I just can’t help it.

Next time you’re in Burlington and heading down Pine Street, take a peek as you go by 444 Pine. And to find out more about LEED Certification, visit www.USGBC.org.