The LCC Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This year we asked the moms right here in our office what’s on their wish list for a Mother’s Day gift.  And it turns out; Lake Champlain Chocolates’ moms are a sentimental bunch.  Granted they can get their hands on a dark chocolate sea salt caramel or one of our chocolate truffles pretty much whenever they want; but still, there are some material things that might be nice.   Say maybe this or this if you like to entertain.  Green thumb moms? This is our go-to place.  Or do you need a full day away from it all? There’s no better escape than here.

But no, more than anything else, our moms want to be with their kids—imagine that?!

And so, here is what the LCC matriarchs want for their Mother’s Day.

A bouquet of tulips and a handmade card with my son’s handprint . Getting to sleep until 7:00 (instead of the 5:45 wake up hour that seems to happen on the weekends!)Homemade chocolate cake with mocha frosting, made by my 5 year old baker (he makes a killer chocolate cake, with a little help from his dad!)- Allyson, Director of Sales, Will, age 5

I want a no work, all fun day!  No cleaning, grocery shopping or house projects.  Brunch somewhere (mimosas wouldn’t hurt…I hear they have fresh-squeezed ones at the South End Kitchen) and maybe Shelburne Farms.  – Erin, Email Marketing, Kate, 20 months

A really great photo of both of my children smiling, maybe even playing nicely together!-Cathy, Director of Marketing, two boys 17 months apart!

Where did the time go? It seemed like only yesterday my son Ian was playing with Legosand now we’re visiting Engineering schools! All I want for Mother’s Day is to be able totruly appreciate each day we have together before he leaves the nest. That, and a breakfast of my husband’s blueberry buttermilk pancakes.  – Christine, Receptionist, Ian, age 17

Spending time with my son – anytime, anywhere! – Fran, HR Director

As a mother of three young boys (ages 7,5, and 11months), I would love to spend a fun day biking together as a family along the Lake Champlain bike path, with a mandatory ice cream stop.  But first, they would need to buy me this.

Happy Mother’s Day!