LCC is in the December issue of Glamour!

Wow!  Did I say wow already?  The Glamour Women of the Year Event was a spectacular and awing event.  It was a privilege and honor to just be in the vicinity of such inspiring and generous women.

Carnegie Hall was packed with VIPS and celebrities from all facets of life; music, fashion, sports, arts, medicine and politics.  It was just a dazzling array of strong, brave women and men humble (or smart) enough to acknowledge their worth. 

The evening was full of humor, humility, beauty, strength and powerful messages, many of them specifically targeted to the groups of girl scouts, and other girl clubs focused on giving young women the tools to reach for that much talked about “glass ceiling”,  scattered among the audience. 

Jane Aronson brought the audience to tears.  She was genuine and real, reminding all of us that we can accomplish anything if we only care enough to try and that even just one person CAN make a difference.

Amy Poelhler was funny.  No real surprise there, but many may be surprised to know that she is not just a comedian but also a woman who “wants to have an impact on girls so they feel like they can do anything”. 

And yet, in the presence of so many worthy and commendable women, Maya Angelou appeared to be the true force of the evening.  At 81 years of age, she was helped across the stage, given a chair to sit in, and proceeded to present the most powerful and touching speech of the entire evening.  She is indeed a courageous woman and a fitting recipient of the prestigious award of Woman of the Year.

 If I wasn’t proud to be a woman before there is no way that I couldn’t be after last night. Thank you Lake Champlain Chocolates for allowing me to attend and experience this once in a lifetime event that I will never forget.  -Laura  



LCC is in the December issue of Glamour! Check out pg. 66 for details on how to win a Glamour Women of the Year gift bag (or click on the link below). Included in the bags are our Chocolates of Vermont and Fruit & Nut Five Star Bars, as well as other amazing gifts from L’Oréal, Gucci, Panasonic and Ugg Australia just to name a few