Our namesake: Lake Champlain

We like to talk about Vermont and why we love living here.  And Lake Champlain is a big part of what makes this place so special —which is why over 30 years ago Jim Lampman decided to make this great lake the namesake of his growing chocolate company.

So what is it about Lake Champlain?  While technically not a “great” lake, it’s pretty darn big: 125 miles long, 14 miles wide and 400 feet deep in some places.  It’s also home to Champ, our very own lake monster- first spotted in 1609 by Samuel de Champlain,  he still gets quite a bit of attention- we even have a t-shirt in our stores that says “Champ ate all the chocolate!”

The lake runs between Vermont and New York and much of the shoreline on both sides is undeveloped, making the lake look almost the same as it did when it was first discovered over 400 years ago.

In the end, just looking out our window is what inspires us each day.  Don’t you agree?