Lake Champlain Chocolates on the Rachael Ray Show

If you were lucky enough to get a snow day yesterday, you might have caught Lake Champlain Chocolates featured as the Snack of the Day on the Rachael Ray Show. She gave out 6-paks of Five Star Bars to the audience and at the end of her segment with Kat Von D, she mentioned the day’s Snack of the Day. Along with it, she placed a link to the LCC site showing visitors to her site where they can get them.

While it was a long process, it was a great opportunity to expose thousands of viewers to the Five Star Bar. Sure, most of us already know and love it but just think – there are people walking around out there who have never tasted the Caramel Five Star Bar with it’s chunks of chocolate and nuts or even the Peanut Five Star Bar with it’s sweet and nutty middle and it’s light, crispy crunch. Really! Some people are missing out on this so if nothing else, a big thanks goes out to Rachael Ray for helping inform those who not in the know.