Lake Champlain Chocolate on Vacation?

Things have been so busy since the last time I wrote, I didn’t realize how much time had passed. If only the entire winter could go that quickly! I know all of you snow lovers out there are shaking your heads, wondering how I could wish the season away but it’s not the snow I mind so much. It’s the cold. And according to our weather man, it’s going to get colder! So far, I think I’ve drank my weight in Hot Chocolate!

I recently took a quick trip south to escape the freezing temps. It was only for a few days – just enough to thaw out my nose and feel the tips of my toes again. And it was a nice little break after the crazy holiday season we had. So, as I walk around Naples, FL doing some shopping and sightseeing, what do I come across but our chocolate bars. I don’t know why it surprises me to see our product in stores outside of Vermont but it does. And it always makes me smile. It’s like a little bit of my home while I’m away from it. So, I bought a bar and continued on my merry way, snacking all the while.

So, thank you Southwestern Florida for offering me a small escape with some of the amenities of home. It was nice to warm myself without having to miss one of my favorite treats – good chocolate from home!