Kudos to Pedals for Progress!

As a member of our community, we try to support area events such at the recent Art Hop a couple weeks ago. These events are great fun and always for a good cause. This support often comes in the form of product but just this past weekend, it was a matter of space. And with our recently renovated 444 Pine Street packaging and distribution center and it’s huge parking lot, we were happy to be able to help in some way.

Pedals for Progress hosted their 10th autumnal Pedals Collection here in Chittenden County and our parking lot played host. This organization collects unwanted bikes and gives them a new lease on life while helping with economic growth in developing countries. The collected bikes are sent to countries such as Ghana (great provider of cocoa beans) where locals are taught such things as bicycle repair and maintenance.

With each bike donated, the donor was also asked to contribute $10 to go towards the shipping of these bikes to their new home country. They received not only tons of good karma but also tax deduction receipts. According to the numbers, 285 bikes were collected. Kudos to all those working to look after our neighbors in this global community. To find out more about Pedals for Progress, visit them online at www.p4p.org.