Joy to the World!

Did you find yourself losing the spirit of the Season but getting caught up in the frustration and stress this year? I certainly hope not. In my rush to make things perfect for the holidays, I have to say, I didn’t feel the holiday low that often hits without warning. I didn’t find myself yelling at other drivers in the mall parking lot and I didn’t find myself weeping shamelessly in public out of exhaustion. 

For some reason, this Christmas feels a little extra special. It feels like a little bit of the wonder from Childhood has snuck back in. Sure it may be fleeting and I might find myself hurling fruitcake at my brother’s head at Christmas dinner but for the moment, I’m going to savor it and try to pass it on to others. I hope you get a little bit of it. And if you don’t, maybe you can take a second to make your own special holiday moment. Sit still, look at the holiday lights, snack on a good piece of chocolate and think good thoughts.

Peace, Love and Chocolate to you this season, no matter what holiday you celebrate!