It’s not what’s on the inside….

Here at LCC, it’s just as important to us what is on the outside as on the inside.  You all know the care we take and the fresh, all-natural ingredients we use to make our chocolates.  Well, almost as much care and time is taken when creating the packaging to house our delicious chocolates.

Our seasonal packaging changes each year; we know some people who have collected boxes over the years and when you look at the wall in our office with the history of our packaging, it’s pretty impressive.  Some designs were more successful than others (we did have kind of a scary looking snowman one year) but in one glance you can tell that each box was individually designed to capture the essence of our company, of Vermont and of the gourmet chocolates tucked inside.

This is a long way of saying that it is nice to be recognized for the packaging of our chocolates.  We recently won Platinum in the Food & Beverage Packaging Category at the 39th Annual Creativity Awards for the design of our organic line of chocolates– bars, squares and truffles.  With only one Platinum award per category, this is a big deal for us!

So what is the Creativity Awards?  Well, for one they put out this AMAZING book of all of the winners.  If you’re into graphic design, you’ll want to check this out.  But it is also one of the longest running international advertising and graphic design competitions with categories in print, packaging, TV, radio and more. The entries are judged by a panel of advertising and design professionals.  

In short, it’s a pretty prestigious award and we are proud.  We’re not always great at patting ourselves on the back but this time I think we will.