It’s Hot Chocolate Time!

Hot chocolate is one of those foods that stir (sorry) a lot of memories for people, or at least for me.  In Vermont, we have A LOT of days that call for hot chocolate.  While the popsicle season is pretty short here, hot chocolate is practically a year round staple.

Growing up, countless days of sledding, skiing, ice skating, snowman-making and snowball fights ended with a cup of hot cocoa that literally warmed me from the insides out. In fact, I think sometimes that’s what I liked best about some of those activities, the hot chocolate and marshmallows you got to enjoy after you were all done.

Since working at LCC, I have rediscovered my love for hot chocolate.  Well, I never really lost it; I guess I should say I discovered real, gourmet hot chocolate. And I’ll never go back.
Traditional and Aztec are my favorites.  But I may be adding to that list, as we have two new flavors this year:  Mountain Mint and Chai & Mighty. 

Mountain Mint– refreshing, rich, and chocolaty.  For all those chocolate and mint lovers, this is your favorite flavor combination in drinking form.  I predict this to be a holiday classic.

Chai & Mighty– We’ve put our own twist on this ancient beverage which has been savored for centuries.  By replacing the tea with premium cocoa and blending it with cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, we’ve created a sweet and spicy taste sensation like you would not believe!

We always suggest serving our hot chocolate with the real stuff- yes, whole milk.  None of this skim milk nonsense.  If you’re going to treat yourself, do it right!  And for an extra special treat, you can also make your own marshmallows.

So, even though some of you might be dreading the colder temperatures ahead, it’s a great excuse to try some of our delicious hot chocolate.  And who knows, perhaps it will bring back some winter memories that aren’t all that bad.