It was a hot day in Miami, but when is it not hot in Miami?

Who knew you could find a Five Star bar in Miami?

My brother just had a baby boy and well… “ya gotta see the baaaaby!” So off my wife and I went to Miami.
When we flew out of Boston MA it was 92 degrees outside. Arriving in South Beach to a cool 90 degrees should have been refreshing, but not so much. 
After staring at the baby and sitting in a pool for five hours, I decided to walk over to the local market to pick up a few things for dinner.  I walked into Epicure Market right off of Lincoln Road.  A great market.  Prepared foods, pastas, sauces, wines.   When I was getting in line to buy the few items I had, my eyes caught a little of New England.  On the shelf was Lake Champlain Chocolates from Burlington Vermont.  At first I was pleased just to be inside an air-conditioned building, but when I saw their chocolate, it was extra cool. 

I bought a Dark Almond bar, an amazing Organic Sea Salt and Almond bar and a Caramel Five Star bar to share with my brother and his family.
After the dinner and a couple bottles of wine, we opened up the chocolate.  We all sampled the bars with our Cuban coffee. The rich creamy coffee with the rich creamy chocolate was a little bit of heaven. We all agreed it was impossible to pick a favorite.
I didn’t know I could find Lake Champlain Chocolates a world away from New England but I’m glad to know where ever I go, there it is!