Is it chocolate turkey time already?

It’s still summer for a few weeks more and while the nights here in Vermont are getting a little cooler and the shadows are starting to get a tad bit longer, I’m certainly not thinking about fall and winter just yet. Summer is so short here, I hate to get too far ahead of myself.

So, being in a summer frame of mind, you can imagine my surprise when I walked by the factory window and saw them making chocolate turkeys! For the briefest of moments, I couldn’t remember what the date was and had to remind myself it was still, in fact, summer. Once I’d relaxed and settled back down from my fright of a premature ending of my precious summer, I watched the chocolate turkey making for a few minutes. And truthfully, I was a little amazed.

At one station, the chocolate molds are being hand filled. Those that are already filled are turning around and around on the magnetic tumbler which I think is just one of the coolest things ever. And over at another area, out pop these perfectly formed little turkeys out of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch it all go on. And to think that these cute little guys are going to spend Thanksgiving with families all over the country, holding the place for family members until they’re ready to come to the table. It’s pretty darn cute – even if it does make November seem closer than ever!