Is dark chocolate good for you?

I keep reading in the news these days about dark chocolate being good for your heart. The experts tell us that just one ounce of dark chocolate can help lower your LDL, raise your HDL, reduce clotting and even keep arteries flexible and increase bloodflow. Big job for just a little bit of dark chocolate.

Well, working at a chocolate factory, that’s music to my ears. Being a chocolate lover it makes my heart sing. Coming from a family where heart health issues run rampant, it boosts my spirits. In an article in Prevention magazine, dark chocolate bars were ranked by heart healthiest, based on levels of flavanol, that magical property doing the trick. Imagine our joy when they ranked one of our favorites, our Signature Dark Chocolate bar, in the top three. Very exciting!

But here’s the funny thing. It came to me as I read article after article about the benefits of dark chocolate for your heart. I’ve known this secret all along and you probably have too. Think about it. You watch a sad movie and you reach for a chocolate bar. You feel down and you reach for a chocolate bar. Even more to the point, your heart gets broken and you reach for a chocolate bar. Us chocolate lovers, we’ve known all along that chocolate is good for your heart. Just glad to see the medical community catching up to us.