Interning at Lake Champlain Chocolates

We are very sad that next week Marissa, our Champlain College Intern, is leaving us.  She brought so much enthusiasm and great ideas to us while she was here.  Luckily I think she enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed having her.  And so here are some parting words from Marissa herself….

I’m going to miss the smell of chocolate when I walk into production with my hairnet and lab coat on, as I’ve been taught is required for best manufacturing practices.  Interning at Lake Champlain Chocolates for the past three months has been about more than just their chocolate – I’ve had the opportunity to work with the amazing employees who truly make LCC the local Vermont chocolate company it is, and a great company to work for (they’re currently searching for a Chocolate Product Development Specialist for their R&D department).  This is a small company whose mission includes not only amazing their customers, but also caring for their community here in Burlington, Vermont. 

Being a Public Relations major at Champlain College with a strong interest in Human Resources, I was lucky to obtain the internship which was my #1 choice.  Not only did I get to work with both Fran Tobin, the HR Manager at LCC, but also Meghan Fitzpatrick, their Marketing Specialist who does their PR, and others in the Marketing Department.  I had the opportunity to work with the retail employees, as LCC is a tri-fold company of wholesale, mail order and retail, who always have a smile on their faces and cover some of the local events such as the Local Secret series.  I even got to assist with an in-store sampling at Healthy Living in Burlington before Valentine’s Day, which was a great deal of fun.  Nothing makes someone’s day like when you say “Would you like to sample some Lake Champlain Chocolate?”

My supervisors invested trust in me to work on projects such as the monthly employee newsletter – an important staple of employee relations, assist in the creation of content and development of their social media such as Twitter, Facebook and their Youtube page, and also help develop, run and evaluate their internal campaign to fundraise for the United Way of Chittenden County.

At a place where turnover is scarce, its employees are upbeat and enthusiastic about the product they are creating, promoting and selling, and where creativity runs so high (the woman who develops their graphics is quite talented, and if you haven’t seen a chocolate sculpture by Emily Jones – you’re missing out!), I have been so lucky to be a part of this highly productive, yet friendly working environment.   What a great way to finish off a wonderful four years in Vermont – graduation and the future await me, but I will carry with me all I have learned and maintain the relationships which have made my time here at LCC invaluable.