Inside the Egg

You know spring is coming when Easter Chocolate appears on our website.  Yes, I’ll admit, around here we are always looking forward to the next chocolate holiday.  And Easter is a big one, in fact the biggest!  It makes sense, as just about everyone, young and old, gets a chocolate bunny on Easter and probably some chocolate eggs too.  Since bunnies usually get the spotlight at Easter, I thought before Peter Cottontail shows up at our door (as he does each and every year) and takes all the attention, we would focus on the egg. 

And specifically, what’s inside the egg.  The inside of the egg is what makes it so special, surprising, and delicious.  Pair that inside flavor with the chocolate outside and you’ve got an incredible combination.
We have two types of chocolate Easter eggs: the relatively new Breakfast Egg and our classic cream-filled eggs. Let’s talk about the Breakfast Eggs first.  Despite the name, this egg tastes amazing any time of day, but with a cup of coffee you can’t beat it for a treat on Easter morning.  There are two flavors, milk chocolate peanut butter and dark chocolate granola.  This is the same amazing peanut butter and rice crisp center and granola with maple syrup used in our Five Star Bars, but in egg form.   Do I need to say more?  I didn’t think so.

Ok, so now onto our classic cream filled eggs.  Like the breakfast eggs, these are only available during Easter each year. We have 6 flavors that we’ve carefully created and paired with our smooth, creamy milk chocolate or our sweet, 54% dark chocolate.  Peanut butter, caramel and hazelnut praline are in the milk camp, while the dark side takes raspberry cream, coconut cream, and mocha truffle.  Coconut is my personal favorite.  Any guess as to the two most popular flavors?  Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg and Milk Caramel Egg.  No surprise there.

We’ve got the inside covered (so to speak), so what do they look like on the outside?

Each egg is created with a mold that has the LCC logo, making these some handsome looking Easter eggs!  Then the eggs are wrapped in colorful, Italian embossed foils that will brighten your Easter basket, making them easy to find amongst all that plastic green grass.  And this is a good thing -you definitely don’t want to go hunting for these eggs!