How to Make Gourmet Smores – Fabulous!

So, you might think trying to make a better smore is like trying to build a better mousetrap. But really, isn’t it this constant pursuit of perfection that brought us from living in caves with no fire to living indoors and contemplating the perfect smore?

To be honest with you, I never gave it much thought before my co-workers started mentioning it. I’d go to a cookout, set my marshmallow on fire since I am too impatient to cook it properly, grab a graham cracker and whatever mass produced chocolate was being offered, mash them together and eat. And I was happy.

But I have now been turned onto using our assorted chocolate squares as the base for my smores. Such a simple idea and oh so brilliant. Sure, you can use whole chocolate bars and break them up but the squares are the perfect size for a smore and allow for variety. Imagine – a hazelnut praline smore, a 70% dark chocolate smore, or how about an organic sea salt and almond smore?! It really is brilliant.

So, armed with that knowledge, I’m bringing one of our assortments of chocolate squares to the next bonfire or cookout I go to. This is too good to keep to myself! Or is it?! Try it at your next gathering. And if you’re feeling incredibly industrious and really want to get your Martha Stewart on, why not make a batch of homemade marshmallows from the recipe on our website? You’re guests will never be the same!