How to Give a Gift Your Mom Will Love!

Wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day?  We have a lot of amazing chocolates from milk to dark, fruity to nutty, spicy to sweet, solid to filled… the list goes on.  So how do you choose the right Mother’s Day chocolates?

Here’s a guide of sorts that might be able to help— we think you’ll find at least some hint of your mom lurking in the personalities below.

Caramel Queen:  She knows what she wants.  And you better not deprive her.  Whether it’s getting her nails done, going to the gym or enjoying a glass of wine, this mom will not let anything- or anyone- get in her way.  Make sure to buy her exactly what she wants- and only that.  No assorted chocolates here.  Strictly milk and dark chocolate caramels.  And don’t expect her to share.


Traditionalist:  A modern day June Cleaver, this mom bakes homemade cookies, volunteers at the school, coaches the soccer team and insists on family dinners.  In sticking with tradition, our gourmet truffles will provide her with plenty of classic flavors to enjoy like Legendary Dark, Milk Hazelnut and White


Iconoclast/Rebel: She picks up her kids wearing sunglasses (no matter the weather) and refuses to engage in gossip with the other moms on the playground.  Somehow she manages to keep up with the latest trends in art, film and music.  And this goes for chocolate too- so give the Revel Chocolates  or the Wild Pepper Madagascar Chocolate Bar so she can maintain her too cool for school status.

She Does it All: Super mom to the max.  Successful career, quality time with her kids, home cooked meals every night- how does she do it?  No one really knows, but you better be sure to say a big thank you come Mother’s Day. The Mother’s Day Chocolate Gift Basket should do the trick.



“Love is All I Need”: Ok, so she’s been known to do a drop-off or two at school in her pajamas and her kids desperately need a haircut, but she’s as happy as can be and so is her family.  Love makes her world go ‘round so why not shower her with some dark chocolate hearts?

Vermonter: Whether she lives in Vermont or just pines for our beautiful state, this mom would never be caught buying anything but pure maple syrup for her kidlet’s pancakes. Fresh, natural and beautiful, this mom embraces the truly good things in life so give her some chocolate that does the same with our Vermont Country Gift Basket or our Chocolates of Vermont.


“Oh, Just Get Me A Little Something”: Always thinking of others and never comfortable with too much attention, this mom is happiest with a homemade or thoughtful card.  But she still deserves something a little extra- special.  Try our assorted Chocolate Flowers or an elegant box of Spring Chocolate Truffles– just enough of a decadent treat without her thinking you “over did it again.”