How do you enjoy your marshmallows?

We can’t stop talking about marshmallows around here.  Yes, we are a chocolate company but these marshmallows we make are worth talking about – again.

There are some obvious reasons why people buy marshmallows- to plop in a cup of hot chocolate, make rice crispy treats and to make s’mores.   You may not think of winter as s’more season (you may not think of s’mores having a season at all) but s’mores are not just for outside around the campfire.  How about over the fireplace after dinner?  It’s much more civilized- no mosquitoes, no sitting on the ground or a dirty log, no smoke in your eyes.  Sounds quite nice, doesn’t it?

Well, here is another civilized idea- maybe even a good one for a New Year’s celebration:  our fresh marshmallows dipped in chocolate fondue!   We have a super simple, delectable fondue recipe and if you’re feeling especially motivated, you can even make a version of our marshmallows.  Or, if you’re tired of baking and cooking, just order the marshmallows online.  They are made super fresh, in really small batches so it is almost like they were made right in your kitchen.

We’d love to hear what clever and delicious ways you enjoy marshmallows!