Hot Chocolate on a cold, snowy day… like today!

Warning, this video and blog entry may induce severe hot chocolate craving. Watch at your own risk!

The weather keeps calling for snow here in VT and the sky is so dark at 10am that it makes you almost shiver. I guess that’s why the folks working at our factory store café are making tons of hot chocolate for people. And lucky for me, my desk is literally just yards from there so I can easily slip out for a nice little warmer and pick me up anytime. And that’s exactly what I did yesterday. A cup of hot chocolate just sounded yummy.

As I stood there waiting my turn, I watched as they made cup after cup for customers. Now, usually I order the Traditional or the Aztec but when a few people in a row ordered the New World Hot Chocolate, I took notice. I never realized how much chocolate goes into it or just how rich and thick it is. See, the New World Hot Chocolate is our darkest at 70% cocoa content. And what’s more is it’s actually pure ground chocolate as opposed to cocoa so it’s incredibly chocolatey.

So, while I watched them make up these cups of steaming hot chocolates, I realized they only offer them in a smaller size. When I asked why, they explained that it’s so rich, a small is really the perfect amount. After a few cups being made, I thought this might be something you’d like to watch. Seeing them steam the milk and chocolate, pour it out and add the homemade whipped cream just looked so good. With that, I pulled out my handy little video camera and taped it just for you. And if you aren’t craving a cup of hot chocolate after watching, you are superhuman.

By the way, for those of you on a diet or just simply watching your caloric intake, you can make any of our hot chocolate with skim milk and reduce the calories a little. Enjoy!

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