Hot Chocolate and Cookies

Making Hot Chocolate

This does not make hot chocolate.

Just say no to the packet.

Do you know how to make hot chocolate?  That might sound like a silly question.  Opening a packet and pouring in some hot water is not “making hot chocolate.”  We don’t know exactly what that little packet makes,but we know it’s certainly not hot chocolate.   So what IS hot chocolate?  Rich.  Warm. Creamy.  CHOCOLATELY.   And how do you make it?  We have a hot chocolate recipe that will guarantee a perfect cup.  We can’t let you go on thinking those packets will do the trick, they just won’t.    Don’t believe us?

Tasting Hot Chocolate at the Factory Store

Real Hot Chocolate (with homemade marshmallows!)

Come try some free gourmet hot chocolate samples on Saturday, November 29 from 12-4pm at our factory store on Pine Street.  You will never go back.  In fact, I bet you will race home and immediately throw away any of those packets you may have lingering in your pantry.  We’ll have Spicy Aztec, Peppermint, Organic and Old World — a drinking chocolate that according to the Wall Street Journal is “molten indulgence.”


Decorating Holiday Cookies at the South End Kitchen

Mother And Baby Decorating Homemade Christmas Cookies With GlazeAnd when you’re done savoring and sipping hot chocolate, head across the street to the South End Kitchen and decorate some sugar cookies—for free!  From 1-3pm on Saturday Novemer 29, holiday-themed cookies will be waiting to be decorated with frosting and other fun toppings; wrap them up to give as a gift or enjoy at home with a cup of (real) hot chocolate.

Kick off the holiday right this year with hot chocolate and cookies.  A perfect pair.

We will see you there.