Holy Cow! We have pre-packed Ice Cream Pints to go?!

I have to admit, I have a weakness for Ice Cream. You read this and nod your head, I know, because you’re in the same boat. Right? I simply cannot resist a super creamy, high quality vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. I see a malt shop and I can already taste the yet-to-be-mixed malted I’m going to have to order. It’s a curse and unfortunately, it’s been made worse by living in the land of ice cream – Vermont.

And as if coming to work in a chocolate factory while loving chocolate wasn’t challenging enough, combine that with a chocolate factory that makes an incredible small-batch ice cream in a variety of flavors and I’m lost. If you’ve ever tried our ice cream, you’d know what I mean. It blows the others away, if I do say so myself.

However, up until now, I have limited myself to an ice cream treat once a week if the folks working in the Hot Chocolate Café aren’t too busy. There’s been many a time when I’ve been able to resist because they’re giving factory tours or mixing up treats for visitors and I’ve guilted myself out of it. And while they’ve always been more than happy to hand pack a pint to go for me, I’ve used the excuse that it’s too much work to do for little old me. This has helped keep me from devouring a pint of ice cream at home in lieu of dinner.

Well, my friend, that time has come to an end. I just found out that our Factory Store and our store in downtown Burlington have started offering pre-packed pints. Whoa! And now I have no excuse to not grab a pint to go on my way out the door. No more using guilt as my reason (and saving grace) for not taking home one of those delicious flavors. No more narrowly escaping the allure of this creamy, frozen siren calling me.

So, I’m not going to fight it. I’m going to give in whole-heartedly. I’m going to enjoy an evening bowl of Chocolate Banana ice cream or a Belgian Chocolate milkshake on the weekend. I might even drench it in our Tanzania Dark Chocolate Sauce. And I’ll chalk it all up to enhancing my product knowledge. Because when it comes to chocolate and ice cream, I can justify anything.