Holiday Shopping Helper – “Give-ology”

Each year I promise myself I’m going to start my holiday shopping early. Sound familiar? And each year, I find myself shopping on Christmas Eve, mad at myself and annoyed with everyone else. Again, rings familiar, I’m sure. Just going on the number of people I see out on December 24 looking frustrated and exhausted, there’s no way I’m alone here. So, in an effort to really try to change my ways, I’m beginning my planning now. And to help me, I’m going to use the Gift Therapists “Give-ology – Advice and Gifts for the Holiday 2008”.  (I was recently turned on to the Gift Therapist's website when she inquired about samples for possible inclusion. I checked it out and was pretty impressed with what I saw. Check it out at

Getting back to this Gift Guide, she just finished it for this year’s holiday shopping and it’s very handy. Sure, our Holiday organic chocolate truffles gift box is included (thank you Jennifer!!) but there is a host of other cool suggestions as well as some great tips for making the whole holiday shopping thing go smoothly. Yes, I’m an avid shopper but only when it comes to shopping for myself. Shopping for others on demand and under a deadline is a completely different animal.

Ideas range from creating a budget and breaking it down by person to suggestions of pre-shopping for ideas and, my favorite, creating a Shopping Wallet. Genius! You use a completely separate wallet with your info and just the budgeted money for your shopping. Nothing more. How can you lose?! Of course, I have to go to Coach and find a cute little wallet perfect for that purpose but that’s ok. I’ll let you know how I do – on the new wallet and the holiday shopping. Cheers!