Hearts begone! Bunnies beware!

It’s done. Valentines Day has made its swift appearance and even swifter departure and all that’s left is the chocolate wrapper carnage. But no time for tears. It’s on to that delicious chocolate easter bunny. Those sweet little hoppy things with the oh-so-tempting ears just waiting for a nibble. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. As soon as they have swept the factory store of the pink and red ribbons and bows, I’m certain they’ll make their appearance.

Along with their arrival will be the far-too-delicious filled chocolate easter eggs. Yes, another weakness I’m willing to admit. Come by my office during spring and you’re sure to find a few wadded up colored foil wrappers here and there. Sure, Easter isn’t just about chocolate easter bunnies, chocolate easter baskets and easter eggs but it’s part of what makes up my childhood memories and I can always rely on them to transport me back to those days. And it also means we’re just that much closer to Spring and all it’s joys!