Heart Throb Throw Down!

A Valentine’s Day Chocolate Challenge!

Tune in tonight at 6pm to watch WPTZ‘s Bridget Shanahan take on chocolate sculptress and artist Emily Jones of Lake Champlain Chocolates to create personalized chocolate heart throbs!

Using tempered white chocolate and dark chocolate raspberry hearts, Emily shows Bridget the tricks and techniques of writing with chocolate.  Check it out to see how she does! And to hear some of Emily’s most crazy requests over the years.

Looking to get your own heart throb?  Emily will be taking orders for personalized heart throbs throughout the weekend at the Pine Street Factory Store.  And if you don’t get an order in, there are plenty of heart throbs ready to go in all three of our retail stores that your Valentine is sure to love- with some classic sayings and some not so classic- including Be Mine, Wild Thing, You Rock and Be My Honey.