HALLOWEEN: It’s not just for kids anymore.

If you are a kid, you’ve been dreaming about Halloween since at least early September- what costume to wear, haunted houses, carving pumpkins, eerie ghosts and of course the loot you plan to get.  And if you’re an adult, you end up eating half your kid’s bag of treats after he goes to bed, picking out your favorites- dark chocolate (he won’t like that anyway), caramels (she’ll never notice) and peanut butter cups (ok, no excuse here).

Well, how about this? Instead of scrounging around your kid’s trick or treat bag for candy that he has worked so hard for, how about treating yourself to some gourmet Halloween chocolates?  Yes, gourmet Halloween treats do exist- how do Dark Chocolate Caramel Pumpkins sound? More of a milk chocolate fan? Then you definitely need to try our Hazelnut Praline Pumpkins.  If you need to please a larger adult crowd, the Assorted Pumpkin and Leaves bag should do the trick.

Whether you are going to a Halloween party, hosting one or just want to treat yourself , we have what you need, from an adorable orange Pumpkin Face to a Dark Chocolate Spooky Cat to Milk Chocolate Caramel Leaves. Leave the jawbreakers and candy corn for the kids.