Grace Under Fire

As if working with chocolate isn’t cool enough, we are thrilled to announce our first collaboration with a rock ‘n roll band!  Vermont-based Grace Potter & the Nocturnals came to us a few months ago wanting to create their own chocolate bar and we were more than happy to oblige.

It was a true partnership to create this bar.  We went through many different flavors before deciding on one that blends the band’s love of spice, dark chocolate and nuts, foods the band gravitates towards when on the road.  The end result?   “Grace Under Fire,”  54% dark chocolate, bold red pepper, and savory pistachio bar with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.  Spicy, sweet and definitely delicious.

As Grace says herself, “We may be a rock ‘n roll band, but the Nocturnals and I take an unprecedented interest in all things food!  I’ve been a fan of Lake Champlain Chocolates since I was a kid, so to combine forces to create a rock n’ roll chocolate bar is a dream come true!”

We’ll start taking orders for the bars tomorrow morning, June 3rd and they will be in our retail stores starting  June 8, just in time for the band’s newest album release. 

Stay tuned for more fun events and news related to Grace Potter & the Nocturnals- you never know where they – or our new bars – will show up!
In the meantime, go out and treat yourself to their new album, catch a show (they are an amazing live band!) and top it all off with a spicy chocolate bar!    Trust me, you’ll want an encore of both.