Goodbye Halloween – Helloooooooo Thanksgiving!

Well I must say, Halloween was fun but Thanksgiving is on its way and I’m excited. Who can deny this wonderful holiday of food, friends and family. I LOVE taking a break from school (and work!) to travel home for the long weekend.  There is nothing better than going home to a house filled with smells of holiday baking. Not to mention eating all that holiday baking. That filling stuffing,  those sweet, sweet potatoes, garlic biscuits, that spinach casserole grandma makes me eat, and that delicious main course!
However, this year is going to be different. My family knows I am interning for an exquisite chocolate company and of course they are going to make sure I come home with great chocolate. There is no telling if they will attack me at the door or wait until after dinner to eagerly ask me what I brought home. Either way I am sure there are huge expectations for me this year. I might just have to settle on bringing home place setting Chocolate Turkeys in addition to my favorite New World Hot Chocolate. I feel the turkeys will go over the best because they are pleasing to the eye and would be extremely fun to eat at the end of dinner. Also, how can I go home without my hot chocolate? I seriously have an addiction to that stuff and it is not a bad one I must say. Regardless, I am excited to be home with family and friends, and of course.. .  the food!