Ghana, Lake Champlain Chocolates and World Cocoa Foundation


Back in May, Jim Lampman (LCC owner) and his daughter Ellen (she also works at LCC doing purchasing and sourcing of supplies) visited Ghana with the World Cocoa Federation. They toured Chocolate Plantations and were able to see the processing of chocolate straight from the pod. Some of the photos they took really brought to life the incredible journey of the cocoa bean not to mention the challenges the cocoa farmers and workers have to overcome and the great strides and advances they’ve made.

While there, they were invited to visit one of the colleges, St. Joseph’s Training School, where the students were able to show some of their work. Apparently, the power supply for the area is not very reliable and during part of the tour, the power went out. Making the most of a common situation, the tour continued with the only light available – vehicle headlamps, candles and moonlight.

In response to the graciousness of the students and their current situation, donations from the various participating businesses were collected and generators were purchased and given to the school to serve as back up when the power supply went down. The generators were given to the school and above are some pictures of the presentation.