Fundraising Made Easy

Recently, I met with the friendly people at Red Barn Fundraising ( to review our one-year old relationship.    They are really pleased with the success they’ve had offering the Chocolates of Vermont and Hot Chocolate.   After a few years in business focusing on churches, youth organizations, schools, and non-profits within the state of Vermont – they are now ready to expand outside the local area.

What’s really so special about this company is that they offer high quality, Vermont made products.  How refreshing!  So many times your neighbors or work colleagues talk you into buying poor quality, overpriced stuff you don’t need but feel obligated to buy.

With Red Barn Fundraising, all of their products are edible, delicious, and practical for gift giving or pure self-indulgence.    Baking mixes from King Arthur Flour make a great holiday gift or save you time in your own kitchen.   (Side note:  King Arthur Flour is my favorite source for online recipes).   And, Vermont Velvet Cheesecake from Rhino Foods is a ready-to-serve, gourmet dessert.   I can say based on first-hand, personal experience with the products that they are winners!  

We love the partnership because it helps community organizations to raise desperately needed funds, which gets more challenging every day.   The organizations can customize a fundraising program with the products they like best, or they can feature them all.   Even better, groups make approximately $5 for every item sold.   

Amy at Red Barn, has a wealth of experience in the area of fundraising.    If you are part of a group looking to raise money, email Amy at