Frozen Treats on a Stick

Since hot chocolate isn’t exactly in season right now (it’s 95 today in Burlington!), we are thrilled to officially announce a new offering to our summer line up- ice pops!  

Now that sounds like summer. 

Freshly-made frozen pops using local ingredients, it’s as simple as that.
And our first ice pop is Strawberry Ice Wine.

Using strawberries from Sam Mazza’s Farm and La Crescent ice wine from East Shore Vineyard in Grand Isle, the concept behind the pop was to highlight strawberry season, happening right now in Vermont! The wine adds complexity and heightens the flavor of the berries—it also cuts down on the amount of sugar added to the pop, always a good thing.

So where can one find this amazing frozen delight?
The Burlington Food & Wine Festival, happening this Saturday, June 23 at the Burlington Waterfront.  In addition to the pop, we’ll also being scooping our ice cream.  So save some room for dessert!