Friday is LCC Day – what’s that?

A few years ago, we decided to increase our employees’ benefits from 6 paid holidays to 7. At first this seemed like a simple concept – there were plenty of generally observed holidays from which to choose:  Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, Columbus Day, Veterans’ Day, Town Meeting Day, or even Bennington Battle Day (a holiday specific to the State of Vermont). After much discussion, none of these were acceptable because they would negatively impact our customers during peak chocolate season. Here at LCC, it’s our ongoing mission to amaze our customers and they always come first.

So, what’s a company who values their employee community as much as their customer community to do? Create our own holiday – LCC Day.

Why the 3rd Friday of every June?
Many of us (including our founder, Jim) believe that June is the best month of the year in Vermont. The days are long. The skies are blue. Lake Champlain is warming. The mountains are green. School is letting out and many parents (like me) appreciate having the extra day to attend end-of-the-school-year activities and graduations.   

What does someone do to celebrate LCC Day?
This year, it conveniently lands on Father’s Day weekend so many employees are travelling home for an extended visit with their Dads.   I’ll be attending a family BBQ at my two-year-old’s child care center and then heading to my parent’s camp for the weekend.  Others are savoring the day for themselves – sleeping in until 9, reading the whole paper, taking a long walk, and gardening.    Two employees will be trying to win the Floyd James golf tournament at Burlington Country Club.    Some are taking the chance to add an extra day to a vacation week and travelling to Maine with the in-laws, Boston, Quebec City, or the Jersey Shore.   And many are taking advantage of Vermont’s spectacular outdoors  – a nice long run, boating on Lake Champlain, working in the garden, or enjoying the beach.  

No one responded that they’ll be eating a piece of Lake Champlain Chocolates but I’d be willing to bet that with so many spending time with family and friends, there are sure to be plenty of Truffles, Sea Salt Caramels, Five Star Bars, and Chocolates of Vermont close at hand!