Free Chocolate Tasting This Weekend!


Do we ever get tired of talking about chocolate?

That answer is decidedly no. With all its flavors and varieties how can anyone get tired of chocolate? To a true chocolate connoisseur a great piece of chocolate has all the intricacies of a fine wine. Now I hear some of you wine snobs scoffing at that comparison but while many of us eat chocolate on a daily basis we often forget to notice the details and complex flavors of chocolate. This Saturday, Lake Champlain Chocolates is offering a way to rediscover the essence of chocolate.

Can a plain piece of chocolate really be described as fruity, buttery, or spicy? Stop by the Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory Store on Pine Street this Saturday from 1pm to 3pm to find out.

Lake Champlain Chocolates will be offering free chocolate tastings. Learn how chocolate is made and how to really taste and appreciate the different varieties – from single origin beans like those used in our 75% Tanzanian Dark Chocolate Bar to special blends such as our White Raspberry Truffles made with milk, dark, and white chocolate. By the end of the tasting, you will have become a true chocolate connoisseur.

Do we ever get tired of eating chocolate?

That answer is decidedly no. See you there!