Flowers of Decadence

Check out this amazing flower and chocolate arrangement!   Rather than us try and do this justice, we asked the florist herself to share her inspriration for this piece of art.  And here it is….

I’m Jamie Wynne Kales of Jamie Wynne Floral, a San Diego floral designer and concept stylist.  I embrace the strength of flowers to enhance a product’s presence in the marketplace; in a word, flowers are all about drama and they bring a product to life.  In my work, contrast is a power player, nothing is off limits, details become new fashion. My floral experience is aimed at lifting the senses to a new level, often with my own witty twists on international trends.   So when I proposed a Valentine’s floral design workshop for Whole Foods Market La Jolla–titled “Flowers of Decadence”, it was my intent to give people an extra-sensory, pampered experience.  I wanted to ‘marry’ my talents with their great team, using the workshop as a vehicle to highlight Lake Champlain Chocolate.  Whole Foods gave me full artistic license to do this.  

Chocolate blissfully celebrates exquisite taste and texture and the experience of it changes with the addition of certain flavor profiles.  When Lake Champlain graciously offered their intense chocolate ‘member’–the Aztec bar–with incredible and hot nuances, I was delighted to run with this.  The immediate finished arrangement presents itself in my mind.  A hand-woven basket to celebrate the artisanal aspect of the product, woven fabric in rich chocolate hues to reflect the growing role of textiles in world floral design, real copper and gold filigree maple leaf embellishments to name its place of origin and praise the ever-changing color palette of this beautiful state.  The hottest of colors introduced to stage the trilogy of the Dark Chocolate Bar (in red), Azteca (orange) and boxed truffles, bright orange ‘Babe’ spray roses and gorgeous waxflower sing their chorus!  With incredible floral product donated to this endeavor by one of the greatest floral companies run by Jason Levin and his impeccable staff, Dos Gringos in Vista California, I could not go wrong.  Opting for a smaller variety spray rose (from Passion Roses) rather than a standard-sized hybrid tea and keeping the filler monochromatic, the result is the intense partnership of the two set on chocolate-toned railroad ties (also for texture) and chunks of chocolate, set on the ties around it, changing and melting deliciously in the hot Southern California sun.

Petals, Pollen, Panache, and, of course, Chocolate Always!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.