Flashback Friday: The Original Chocolates of Vermont


We talk a lot about our truffles here at LCC and how they started it all way back when.  But if you ask founder Jim Lampman, he’ll tell you that truffles sort of got in the way of his original idea: Chocolates of Vermont.

After selling the Ice House Restaurant and embarking full time on growing the Champlain Chocolate Company (as it was first called), Jim began to focus on one- of- a –kind chocolates made with Vermont ingredients .  Using real maple syrup, local honey, sweet butter and fresh cream, the four flavors of Chocolates of Vermont were born:  Maple Crunch, Honey Caramel, Evergreen Mint and the Green Mountain (fruit & nut). 

To this day, these chocolates are made very much by hand, using the original recipes from 1985. 

A local jeweler in Burlington designed stunning custom molds for each chocolate which are also still used today.  Jim has the negatives (which I think would make small, beautiful paperweights) sitting on a shelf in his office.

These images show how far we’ve come but also how true to our roots we remain.