A Father’s Day guide to Vermont gifts

In utter desperation you find yourself standing there waffling, trying to decide between navy, ultra-marine, midnight…Well, just put down the tie and walk away, yes just keep walking.  We’ve all been there, it’s the middle of June, and your knee deep in the craziness that ensues with the end of the school year, when all of a sudden it hits you – this Sunday is Father’s Day!  Between the sheer insanity of carpooling the team to Saturday morning tee-ball practice, dance lessons, and this weekend’s birthday party, while also trying to finalize the kids’ summer schedules, how are you ever going to find a gift?  Have no fear; whether your Dad is slick hipster, nature enthusiast, or just revels in simpler things in life, here are some great Vermont gift ideas. (And no, Dad really does not want another tie this year for Father’s Day, unless of course, it is a chocolate one.)

Vermont Gift ideas for Father’s Day:

Teach Dad a thing or two

organic chocolate bar library

This Father’s Day, put Dad’s (chocolate) wisdom to the test with this organic chocolate bar library.  Well-curated gift for the one who was there to teach you all of life’s important lessons.

There’s more fish in the sea (er, I mean river)

Thank dad for always being there when you needed him. This handmade leather streamer wallet, made in Jonesville, was made for the Father who loves to spend his weekends tying flies and fishing.

It’s hip to be square

Tonewood maple cube

Liquid maple syrup was so 2009.  Impress the savviest of Father’s with this sofi award-winning solid maple cube by Tonewood.  For those moments when plain old maple syrup just won’t cut it.

Get in the groove

Vew Do balance board

Is your dad’s life in need of more balance?  This Vew-Do balance board will not only help him achieve a zen-like balance in life, it will help him shred it up on the mountain (that is, if we actually get snow this winter).

Help spruce things up


Have Dad looking slick and feeling fine with a little forest scented shave oil from the Vermont Beard & Mustache Company.  And remember, as my father always used to say, “put your best face forward!”

 What goes around, comes around

cutting board

 A Vermont-made farmhouse cutting board is the ultimate gift for the foodie Father.  (Just make sure you pair it with some delicious cheeses, cured meats, and some lively Vermont spirits.)

Take life one cup at a time

wild wood vermotn coffee mug

Thank your Father for all those late night diaper changes that turn into early morning hockey practices.  Perk up Papa’s special day with a custom-engraved wooden travel mug and some of Vermont’s finest organic and locally roasted coffee.

A Vermont state of mind


Is your father a nostalgic one?  Does he always says things like, “when I was your age…”?  Remind him of how great life used to be with one of these iconic framed photographs the motherland. #nofilterneccessary

Make it a “fabulous” Father’s Day


What’s better than a box of chocolates?  How about this Fabulous Four gift box featuring all his favorites – salted caramels, peanut butter chocolates, dark chocolate candied orange peel, and almond butter crunch.  With a gift like this, you will are sure to be “the favorite one”.

Have a great Vermont gift idea for Father’s Day?  Share it with us @LCChocolates, #VTgifts and #IloveLCC!